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Veteran Owned Small Business

What We Do

We bring a fresh perspective and unique approach to help you realize your vision of success by providing you with:

  • innovative and results-focused solutions
  • a systems approach to rethink your business and goals
  • an effective issues management approach and process
  • dynamic planning process with effective execution of plans
  • an innovative community and pubic relationships strategy and approach
  • engagement and alignment of your team and culture with your goals
  • an improved understanding of your customer's needs, wants and experience
  • the integration of IT with business, marketing, sales, and service
  • Integrated marketing communications strategy and implementation

Our focus is to work with you – our client and partner – to identify what is and is not working in your organization and utilizing a systems thinking and analysis perspective to jointly define, design, and deploy SOLUTIONS to enable you to achieve your goals and realize your vision

A few examples of specific tools and approaches we effectively utilize with our clients

Using our Dynamic Systems Performance Innovation Model drills down into your business and assesses key attributes that include purpose, processes, products, services, values, costs, and synthesizes these to provide you a clear picture of where your business is at present and where we think it can go.

We create the foundation for the development of relevant plans to include strategy maps, integrated marketing communications, creativity in branding and messaging, and an improved path to your success and sustainability.

Effective Issues Management Process include drilling down into your customer and stakeholder's experiences as we explore gaps in performance, perceptions, and promises/plans as well as relevant needs and expectations. We work closely with you and your team to identify the results needed to address gaps and improve your bottom line.

Understanding your organization's culture and implementing our Project to Engage, Empower, and Contribute (PEEC) tools will ensure that you and your team are "in sync" when performing at the desired level with core competencies necessary for your business. We provide team and individual mentoring and coaching, as you develop your core team.

Our efficient and effective Performance Management Approach enables you to develop clear and relevant performance planning, evaluation, improvement, management, and succession planning for your organization. This is a need that is too often ignored by leadership and management, and often leads to crises, poor decisions, and the loss of the people you need to keep. An improved understanding of roles and responsibilities as well as accountability is provided during our consulting sessions.

A creative and cunning approach to what we call our "CPR" program - Community and Public "Relationships" is key to establishing your brand's positive reputation among your employees, customers and the public.

Integration of Information Technology into your business is about designing a building, negotiating a deal, preparing financials, or designing business processes. You may not have the internal manpower to create an effective IT program. That's when we come in. We develop IT programs and infrastructure supported by training and coaching that ensure success of these programs. We enable you to think, react, and adapt to an ecosystem and environment in which you work through customized software and integrated technology.

That's ApertureNEXT. Clarity of purpose with a focus on results.



We are passionate, agile and clever. We deliver results and solutions for our clients. We work with individuals, teams, and organizations.

We focus on you and your vision of what you, your team, your business, and organization truly want to accomplish as well as what success looks like from your perspective. Who are you and who do you want to be? What is your desired brand and reputation? How can you get there? Why? When?

PASSIONATE... as the economy and world have changed and will continue to change; there will be no return to the "good old days." We are passionate about helping you change the lens and aperture through which you view yourself, your business or organization, your customers, and your markets.

AGILE... as we quickly mobilize a results- oriented team to listen and understand your needs, issues, and obstructions as we then structure a plan and path forward to achieve your vision. We truly are a diverse "virtual team" with the talent and experience that has the breadth and depth needed to provide effective and efficient solutions for you and yours.

CLEVER... if not "cunning" as we work closely with you to "co-create" optimized solutions based on your and our collective competencies. We will challenge you to rethink your thinking about your answers to the "who, what, why, how, when and where" in regards to your business, your team and perhaps even you.

It is a beautiful world in which we live. One needs the right lens and aperture to capture its beauty. The same is true for business and any organization as they must have clarity and focus on the picture of their desired destination and the journey they must take. That is what we do. We are a guide to help them determine where they want to go and how to get there.